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Vanit Place Aree, the newest premium office building and retail spaces in Ari, Bangkok's trendiest neighborhood








While being known for its relaxed vibes and variety of must-visit trendy cafes, Ari is also an important business hub outside of Bangkok CBD housing many of the largest corporations and government agencies.

The project consists of 2 parts, the office building, Vanit Place Aree, is the ‘WorkPlace’, while the standalone retail, Vanit Village, is the ‘LifePlace’, magnifying the ‘Work-Life Flow’ concept.

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Vanit Place Aree is easily accessible by both rail and road transport. Located only 200 meters from Ari BTS station, 450 meters from Sanam Pao BTS station, and having its own bus stop offers unrivaled convenience for public transport users. In addition, close proximity to both the Sirat Expressway and Don Muang Tollway will help facilitate commute times while the state-of-the-art parking facility containing over 600 parking spaces will ensure sufficient parking availability for car commuters.

Premium Office & Village
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Vanit Village, otherwise known as the ‘LifePlace’, is a 4-story, 3,000 square meter retail space that will serve as the new ‘it’ gathering place in Ari with a pet-friendly concept and plenty of parking for customers. Vanit Village aims to be the center for personal time, physical fitness, family activities, and assorted hobbies and interests for everyone in Ari.

Retail Space

Design for the future

Vanit Place Aree is designed in accordance with the LEED-Gold Level standard. The main equipment and systems selected are designed to optimize energy and water usage. The building is constructed with environmentally-friendly materials and methods. With our strong focus on well-being and hygiene, Vanit Place Aree is equipped with touchless access and air conditioning system with advance filtering methods for PM2.5 particles. Our column-free office floor plan and knockout panels enable flexible office planning so you can create a productive and effective office layout. In addition, the sky garden and retail space will provide a relaxing area enhancing mental health and wellness.

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Office Floor Plan

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Work-Life Flow
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